Energy-saving solutions for a zero-carbon future

We are certified by Natural Resources Canada and take a logical approach to helping your home or building perform at its best.

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Residential buildings

Our certified building science experts are ready to optimize your new or existing building

We specialize in taking a practical approach and ensure your residential project performs at its optimal capacity. From low-energy design consulting to airtightness testing, deficiency identification, and remediation consulting, our experts will put you on the right path to reduce your energy consumption.

What you’ll gain

A more energy efficient building

Ongoing support across all construction phases

Professional advice from energy experts

Fulfill code requirements cost effectively

Residential building services

Receive a calculated, science-based approach and achieve high-performance project goals.

Energy code compliance

Whatever your provincial or municipal building code requirements, Step Code or otherwise, we can help. And save you thousands of dollars in the process.

  • From BC Step Code to the 9.36 Energy Code Performance Path, Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB), Ontario SB-10 and SB-1, we will ensure you fulfill compliance requirements at the lowest possible cost.
Blower door airtightness testing and consulting
  • Airtightness testing to measure the air leakage rate resulting from deficiencies in the air barrier system through the building envelope.
  • Identify potential issues leading to a deficient air barrier system and reduce the amount of time performing repairs to make the system work.
Thermal inferred inspections
  • Pinpoint potential issues before they become costly with the use of our FLIR thermal imaging systems. 
  • Discover air leakage sources, missing insulation, water leaks and any overheating electrical.
Deficiency inspections
  • Gain insight on the 4 critical barriers of a project including weather, air, vapour, and thermal barriers.
  • Ensure site deficiencies are addressed while still accessible.
  • Save up to 80% on home warranty call-backs.
Thermal bridging analysis
  • Manage your thermal bridging to maintain effective R-values.
  • Reduce the risk of condensation within or on the surface of construction assemblies.
Renewable energy consulting
  • Incorporate renewable energy systems to move towards a net-zero building.
  • Balance the building envelope, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.
  • Get advice regarding which on-site renewable energy systems are available and best-suited for your project.
Effective R-value calculations
  • Get effective R-value calculations for building assemblies.
EnerGuide rating services
  • Licensed through Natural Resources Canada, use our EnerGuide Rating Services to measure your home or residential building’s energy performance.
Heating system sizing calculations
  • Energy modeling to calculate the heat loss and gain of your building as determined by the effectiveness of the building envelope.
  • Determine which size and type of mechanical systems will be the most effective for your project.
Hydrothermal condensation risk analysis
  • Understand the thermodynamic profile of your construction assembly as a whole.
  • Assess the risk of dew and condensation entry points in wall assemblies.
  • Gain insight into issues such as mold growth and decay.
Passive design consulting
  • Our passive design consulting services can help you achieve a high-performance project by providing expertise in both construction detail and constructability.

Certifications and rebates

ENERGY STAR for new homes
  • Achieve a 20% increase in energy efficiency.
  • Have your entire certification process managed by our team.
New home rebates
  • Gain insight to new and upcoming rebate programs.
  • Opportunities for existing and new homes.

Home Energy Evaluations

Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

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