Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Receive up to $10,000 back for eligible energy-saving solutions

Are you an Ontario resident interested in cutting down your energy costs and creating a greener future? If so, you’re in luck. The Canada Greener Homes Grant and Enbridge Gas have partnered to create the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program.

In addition to residents across Ontario, current Enbridge Gas customers using natural gas to heat their homes can benefit from enhanced energy-saving rebates valued at up to $10,000. Eligible applicants can also receive an additional rebate of $600 to cover their EnerGuide Evaluation.

Available opportunities through this program

Energy-saving rebates valued up to $10,000

Save with rebates for upgrades including air sealing, solar panels, home insulation, weatherproofing, and others.

Up to $600 for your energy evaluation

Utilize $600 of funding to put toward your preliminary and post-retrofit energy evaluation.

Additional funding via the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Eligible homeowners can reap the benefits of 2 programs through a single application and efficient process.

Secure your funding in 6 simple steps:


Confirm your eligibility via Enbridge (HER+ program) website.


Contact us to book your energy assessment.


Have your (pre-audit) home energy performed by our experienced Energy Advisors and receive your custom report with recommended upgrades.


Complete at least one eligible upgrade.


Verify your updates with a (post-audit) energy evaluation.


Receive your rebate cheque, including up to $600 for the assessments.

Save big with funding on the following upgrades:

Up to $10,000 for home insulation Up to $7,800 for space and water heating Up to $1,625 for weatherproofing Up to $1,300 for air sealing Up to $600 for home energy assessments Up to $325 each for windows and doors Up to $125 for smart thermostats Up to $5,000 for solar panels

This sounds great, but do I qualify?

If you are an Ontario resident and fit within any of the following categories, the answer is yes!

Enbridge Gas customers…

who reside in their home as a primary residence.


Enbridge Gas customers…

Landlord-owned homes.

Off-grid communities in a permanent or long-term settlement

At least 5 years, with a minimum of 10 dwellings.

Multi-residential buildings & mixed-use properties

Which are more than 50% residential, with no more than 3 storeys and no bigger than 600 m².

Non Enbridge Gas customers

Homeowners who do not currently heat their residence with Enbridge Gas.

Please note that the following property types do not qualify:

Homes that are not the owners’ primary residence and don’t have an Enbridge Gas account
• Cooperative buildings • Homes that were built within the past 6 months

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